Greek Dancers

Our group has appeared in various traditional festivals in abroad and the rest of Greece highlighting the dancers of the sea in one of the best traditional dancing groups, honoring the Greek dancing tradition without trivializing it. Our endless rehearsals, the attention to detail, the love for Greek dances and the craftsmanship, was the main reason for our dancing group to stand out very quickly.

Our program includes:

  1. Dances from the Greek islands wearing the traditional costume of the village Empona of Rhodes.
  2. Dances from mainland Greece Thrace, Macedonia and Epirus with the (bridal) outfit Mpaltsa of Macedonia. Exact copy of the Benaki Museum.
  3. Famous Greek Dances Sirtaki, Zeibekiko, Karsilama, Hasapiko, Hasaposerviko, ie most recent Greek dances.

At every time the group is rehearsing, preparing a rich program, full of inexhaustible traditional Greek dances. Every summer the group is performing at festivals, conferences and the most important hotels of Rhodes island.