About us

My name is Michael Vogiatzis and I’m looking forward to giving you one thing less to worry about.

I am the owner of the ‘Fairytale Lindos Weddings’ Company!
Our company organises weddings in Rhodes, Kallithea, Filerimos, Lindos and in venues like hotels and beaches.

I’m a professional wedding photographer and I have the “know how” to design a relaxing, smooth and at the same time impressive Wedding!

After several years of shooting weddings in Rhodes I have come to the conclusion that  imagination  was what the weddings, I was photographing, lacked off, so I decided to do the next step!

With my experience, technical skills and YOU, I can provide the wedding of your dream!

The ingredients I need to create such weddings are: Dream, Love, Passion…More Passion, Romance, positive energy, quality time, YOU, your fiance, your loving people, and magic will be all over YOU!

My challenge is to make Your Wedding a Day to remember for the rest of your entire life!

Would you like that?

I am a highly motivated person with a career in photography, have worked for several years under extreme weather and location conditions and always on time and just in  time to either solve problems or correct errors. I have had excellent references from both guests and couples as well as from colleagues I have worked with. I am definitely the one who You would like to recommend to friends and family. I have been meeting and exceeding anyone’s expectations and so will I do for you, too.

My incentives are:

  • First, I truly love what I do, so I am passionate about performing well.
  • Second, I want continued referrals.
  • Third, I  am getting paid to do a great job.
  • Last but not least, my challenge is to not only meet my couple’s expectations, but to exceed them every time!

It would be great to meet with you and your fiancé personally to discuss the plans for the big day and to get to know each other. This will also be a great opportunity to understand your concerns and preferences when it comes to hiring your wedding planner.

I’ll be happy to arrange a date and time for an in-person meeting of your convenience. We’re so looking forward to chatting with you and meeting you both soon. Congratulations again on your wedding!

Would you like us to work together?

I cannot wait to see you smiling all the way through the end of your wedding day!

If you need any advice with the remaining preparations of your wedding day or would like further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are happy to help you, every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing Fairytale Lindos Weddings.

We look forward to working together.

Best wishes,