Legal Documents

Legal Documents

In this section you can find all the necessary information regarding the legal requirements and documents. Our legal department is responsible for the legality of your wedding documents. Please make sure to send your certificates via email in order for our legal department to verify your documents before the wedding.
Regarding other countries and regions, feel free to send us your enquiries in case you don’t find something available on our catalogue.

UK Wedding Legal Requirements

    These are the four documents (two each) required by every couple getting married in Rhodes-Greece.

    • Birth Certificate for both, Bride and Groom
    • Certificate of No Impediment for both, Bride and Groom (This should be issued three months before the wedding day)
    • Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration of Change of Name
    • Decree Absolute (Divorce)
    • Death Certificate in case of a widow/widower


    All the above documents must be original or original certified copies and the Greek registers office will retain all your original/certified documents sent over to Rhodes.

    Due to the Greek register/Town Hall office retaining all your original certified documents, you may wish to gain extra original certified copies, as you will not be able to take them back once posted over to Rhodes.

    The law does not state you must be on the Island of Rhodes a certain number of days prior to your wedding.  If we have received your documentation on time and everything is in order, then the date of your arrival on Rhodes is entirely your choice.

    It is ultimately your responsibility to check your legal documents are correct – we can only guide you.

Turkish Wedding Legal Requirements

    Regarding the wedding of Turkish citizens in Rhodes, Greece, the following documents are required :

    • Certificates of No Impediment or Marriage Licences issued by the registrar of the the town/city of their residence. Actually two Certificates of No Impediment or Marriage Licences will have to be issued; one for the bride and one for the groom, stating that they are free to get married abroad.

      The certificate or licence for the bride will have to state that she (the bride’s full name) is free to get married to the groom (his full name) abroad (or even better if Rhodes is stated as the place of their proposed wedding). The certificate or licence for the groom will have to state that he (the groom’s full name) is free to get married to the bride (her full name) abroad (or even better if Rhodes is stated as the place of their proposed wedding).
      Until now two forms of Certificates of No Impediment/Marriage Licences have been presented by Turkish citizens who got married in Rhodes. One multilingual Certificate, which is valid for six months from the date of issue, and a second form drawn up in the Turkish language, which is valid for four months. Both forms of certificates are accepted by the greek authorities.

      Keep in mind that the wedding will have to take place within the time limit of these certificates, that is within six months for the first one and within four months for the second one, starting from the date of their issue.

    • Full Birth Certificates of the bride and the groom.

    • If the bride or the groom are previously divorced then a FINAL Court’s decision will have to be presented.

    • If the bride is a widow or the groom a widower then the death certificate is also required.

    The above documents do not need to be legalized with an Apostille, as it has been abolished between Greece and Turkey.

    All the above documents have to be officially translated into greek. The documents can be translated in Rhodes.